Airports stand out among the others due to its stunning architectural features, world-class amenities like golf courses and movie theaters as well as its efficiency when it comes to how they provide services to the passengers. As you fly to a certain destination, whether local or foreign, you can make use of flightstatus24. It allows you to track your flight in real time and provides an up-to-date flight status and airport information. Make use of it whenever you fly to keep you posted each time something changes. 

And if you’re curious of who is included on the list, we’ve cited it down for you! 

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport — Spain

This contemporary yet historic airport is the largest in Spain and also one of Europe’s busiest airport with over 50,000,000 travelers in each of the past two years. It has been in operation since 1972 but has been upgraded in 2006 and it boasts glass panes instead of traditional walls. It features a sloping ceiling, circular skylights and even an artistic pillar. 

There are more than 30 cafés, bars and even restaurants at Madrid–Barajas Airport that is distributed throughout the terminals. Apart from that, you are given more than 100 shops to choose that ranges from local produce, souvenirs to jewelry and electronics. This also includes duty-free for those passengers leaving the European Union. 

Vancouver International Airport — Canada

It is one of the unique airports that you might visit regardless if you’re catching a flight or not. You’ll find here a sculpture collection and even multiple aquarium exhibits. The largest aquarium holds 114,000 liters of water. Witness various marine species native to the area such as wolf eels, sea urchins, orange cup corals, and even jellyfish. With regards to the sculpture collection, it conveys the art and culture from the West Coast First Nations. Don’t miss The Spirit of Haida, it is the famous huge bronze structure based on the Haida legend and also the Jade Canoe before boarding!

Singapore Changi Airport

This airport has been named as one of the best airports in the world by the consumer-aviation website Skytrax for five years in a row. It contains over 300 stores, 2 free Imax cinemas theatres, multiple gardens, and even a swimming pool. At terminal 3, there are over 1,000 butterflies, a rain-forest themed environment inclusive of waterfalls. The airport itself has so much to offer. 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport — Malaysia

This airport allows passengers to relax before their flights with over ten posh lounges and a massage center to choose from. Aside from that, you can watch TV with channels specifically chosen to keep a passenger like you to be entertained. You can also locate the Satellite Building wherein you can use the Internet kiosks to access free Wi-Fi. There’s also a shopping mall directly attached to the airport. You have the option to try out some traditional Malaysian food. And if you’re feeling tired, catch some sleep in the airport’s Capsule Transit Airport Hotel. It has capsule-style beds available to occupy for up to 12 hours at a time.

Munich Airport — Germany

Munich Airport is considered as one of the best airports in the world and the only airport with a brewery. Locate the Airbrau which is a beer garden serving German delicacies like sausage and sauerkraut. Apart from that, there are over 60 restaurants for you to indulge yourself in. If you’ve had enough to eat, then you can check the mini-golf course. In addition, Munich Airport also has an event place and has been hosting some surfing and bike events over the years. 

Heydar Aliyev International Airport — Azerbaijan

It has been designed by the Turkish architect studio Autoban and considered as one of the highly-designed airports in the world. It offers passengers a futuristic and unconventional airport atmosphere. What’s so great in this airport is the wooden cocoons which offer passengers a little haven before their most awaited flight. As you enter the airport, you’ll notice that all the facilities are located within the cocoons such as the shops, restaurants, and even cafés. 

Shenzhen Bao’ an International Airport — China

Here at the Shenzen Bao’An International Airport, the ceiling is designed to look like a honeycomb. This impressive terminal took about 5 years to build. As you enter the airport, you feel as if you’re flying in a futuristic land as it features the all-white interior and reflective glass. 

Hong Kong International Airport — China

It contains a nine-hole golf course that meets U.S. Golf Association standards. If you’re waiting for your flight, you can also take advantage of the airport’s IMAX. Here, you can also practice landing a plane with interactive rides and even simulators. 

Hamad International Airport — Qatar

Water cannons and palm trees will greet you at this airport in Qatar. It took a decade to build this and spent around $16 billion. As you enter Hamad International Airport, you’ll notice that the interior resemblance of that in a modern art museum. 

Dubai International Airport — United Arab Emirates

It is one of the busiest airports in the world with over 80 million passengers yearly. It flies to 260 locations. You can chill or catch some sleep while waiting for your flight. There’s a Snooze cube that you can rent, it is fully equipped with a luxurious pod with a television and Wi-Fi. You can also swim in the private pool and take steam if you want, just head to G-Force Health Club. 

Incheon (ICN) International Airport — South Korea

ICN Airport has a 72-hole golf course, a synthetic ice rink, and even 7 eco-gardens. This airport has the first-class amenities you can ever think of such as free showers, massage chairs, and sleeping areas. It has been named as the second-best airport in the world by Skytrax and also the cleanest and most elite one. 

Haneda Airport — Japan

It is the world’s fifth-busiest airport with over 75 million passengers yearly. Haneda airport is known for its impeccable service, cleanliness, shopping destination and most importantly, the variety of high-quality food such as ramen, sushi, and other desserts. 


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