An infamous mountain peak nestled among the Himalayas is mount Kanchenjunga. Kanchenjunga popularly known as K2 is the third highest mountain peak in the world. It has its separate and own fan base that leaves no stone unturned to make a point to trek to this mountain. It is regarded to be one of the most popular destinations for trekking. A proper Kanchenjunga Trek requires a lot of hard work and motivation to stay dedicated till the end. Another important factor that it requires is a very good and reputed agency like NEST Adventure who are going to help you form the best Kanchenjunga Trek itinerary depending upon your wishes and availability so that you can experience the best of this trek.

To understand about the Kanchenjunga Trek here are a few highlights but you should know:

  1. Be prepared to experience one of the largest glaciers, Yalung glacier situated En route this trek. The texture it has is very different from that of the usual glaciers and therefore requires some special attention towards it.
  2. As Tibet is extremely close to Kanchenjunga you are going to which this various Tibetan refugee settlements all throughout the roads. Either permanently or temporarily these refugees have made this their home.
  3. Wildlife is extensively e available near this trek. Animals include snow leopard, blue sheep on musk deer are very commonly found in this terrain. Hence be ready to which this some of the rarely found animals on earth.


  1. Kanchenjunga, as believed by the locals, is an extremely holy and sacred destination. It is believed that the Lord lives on the Kanchenjunga and therefore it is often worshipped and treated as an extremely secret place by the locals.
  2. It was way before Mount Everest was declared to be the highest mountain peak in the world it was considered mount Kanchenjunga to have the highest peak. Only after the discovery of Mount Everest was this title given to it.
  3. There exist a variety of tribal living in this locality which you will not find in almost anywhere on the globe. These locals have their own believes and live life in their own terms.
  4. It allows you to experience a complete panoramic view of the entire place.

A lot more of the highlights can be mentioned when it comes to Kanchenjunga Trek. There exist a lot of things to be witnessed in order to experience the actual beauty of this place. Therefore choose an agency like NEST Adventure to get your hands on the best Kanchenjunga Trek itinerary.

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