Granted, unlike a traditional home or condominium, an RV is not likely to appreciate in value unless you have a rare antique model like an Airstream is pristine condition.

In fact, travel trailers and motor coaches tend to depreciate in value as the years go by. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a smart investment for certain types of buyers and in certain situations.

Are You Always on the Road?

Whether work or pleasure beckons you to hit the road and travel, buying an RV can provide you with both a way to get to your destination and serve as an evening respite.

With a travel trailer, there’s no need to keep spending money on airfare or hotel lodging, because you have an all-in-one solution.

Is Being in the Great Outdoors a Regular Event?

If camping and spending time outdoors is a passion, then buying an RV makes good sense. Not only will you reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle, but you’ll never have to rent a cabin or motel room again. You will also enjoy the freedom of camping out with views of amazing sites and parks to boot.

Have an Adult Child Seeking Space?

If you have offspring reaching the age where they want space but may not be entirely ready to flee the nest, buying an RV can be a wise move—literally.

Allowing your young adult to move into an RV on the property keeps them nearby and will also provide them with a number of valuable lessons about ‘home’ maintenance for the future.


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