When you are planning to visit Scotland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then Edinburgh would be a destination which offers so many thing sot do and so many spots to visit. Edinburgh is a place, which charms the tourist with its comprehensive reflection of various aspects of Scotland.

The place resonates with cultural vibrancy alongside its historic charm and scenic wonder. The New Town in Edinburgh is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Read on further to find out the best places to visit while you plan an Edinburgh tour.

Edinburgh Castle:

This is one of the major attractions of the place, which was built in the 12th century. You can have a view of the city from this castle, which features Castle Rock. This is the place which has witnessed the bloodiest parts of Scotland’s history.

Stirling Castle:

Stirling is one of Scotland’s highly important castles, which has stood tall showing its resilience to multiple sieges. The scenic beauty of this spot beckons even those who are not interested in the history part.

Loch Lamond:

When you plan a tour to Scotland, a visit to one of its scenic loches is a must. Loch Lamond is a breathtaking and the largest one, which can be reached taking a short journey.

Holyrood Palace:

The word Holyrood means the Holy Cross in English. It is placed near to Holyrood Abbe, marked by its ruins, which occurred in the revolution of 1688.

Royal Mile:

This is a historic thoroughfare running from Castle of Holyrood through Edinburgh’s old town and covering Scott’s mile. This distance is actually larger than the standard mile.

Greyfriars Church:

This church is one of the important landmarks of the country’s religious history. It is the place, which witnessed the rising of Scottish Presbyterianism in the 17th century. The Sunday service of the church is held in Scottish Gaelic and English.

Royal Botanic Garden:

This marvelous garden houses over 13,000 species of plants. It was formed way back in 1670 when it was mostly used for growing plants of therapeutic value. This is one of the best conservation projects, which pulls innumerable tourists from across the globe.

HMY Britannica:

This is a royal yacht, which was famous and valuable possessions of the UK since the time it was built in 1953. It’s a great place where you can enjoy your lunch or sip afternoon noon at the royal deck.

Apart from this, Edinburgh has numerous other spots, some of them haunted; worth visiting. By getting in touch with a reputable Edinburgh tour company, you can get to know more and plan a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

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