While many people assume that you will need a large budget to explore Israel, this isn’t the case. In fact, there are multiple ways that backpackers can visit the country and experience the sights and sounds that have made it famous. Let’s look at some of the best ways you can travel through Israel on a limited budget. 

First, Israelis are known for their friendly attitude. They are more than willing to help you out if you need assistance. This can make it easy for you to hitchhike from destination to destination. Alternatively, Israel has a great public transportation system. The buses have wi-fi and comfortable seating, making the journey as comfortable as possible. To use these buses, you’ll need to purchase a Rav-Kav card. You tap the card at both the start and end of the journey. If you run out of funds you can top-up the card. However, if you lose the card you won’t be able to get a refund. You can also use bikes to travel in. You can rent them using a credit card. Though they are affordable you will incur extra fees if they are handed in late or damaged. Finally, you might want to try the train system. Trains are reliable, and the carriages are generally clean. However, there are still some limitations on the number of locations that you can visit by train. 

Backpackers can also find plenty of great food in Israel. There are multiple market stalls throughout the country. Many of these markets will contain great local vendors who can offer you a cheap meal. This food is delicious, showcasing the flavor combinations that make Middle Eastern cuisine so tasty. You might also be able to get delicious food from the supermarkets around the city, which offer high-quality food at affordable prices. 

Finally, you will need to consider the places where you can sleep. For many people, finding accommodation in Israel will be the most expensive part of the journey. However, there are multiple places that you can choose from. For example, there are multiple hotels in Jerusalem near Old City that will suit any budget. This will allow you to explore the many sites of religious and cultural significance in the area. You can also find a variety of hotels in Israel Dead Sea. Staying in one of these hotels will give you time to experience the natural wonder of floating in the Dead Sea. You can also experience the healing properties of the mud. Often the best way to get the best prices is by booking your accommodation in Israel in advance. 

Israel is becoming one of the most popular areas in the world for backpacking. Even though you’re on a budget, you can still experience the many amazing sites that this country can offer. We discussed some of the ways you can have a great trip on a budget. So, start planning your trip to Israel today so you can have the best possible holiday. 

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